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It is Tuesday morning. I'm back in the shop after a hot sunny Labor Day of visiting a friend and local artist and fellow business owner Liz Nania. I don't know how she does it all, but that's for another time.

Anyway, I was visiting her at Spaceus -- a temporary studio space for artists housed in a super cool (both in design and in temperature) building in Roslindale Square. Liz was working with a photographer to catalog her artwork. Walls and tables were draped with vintage tablecloths and dresser scarves. Each piece told a story by Liz who embroidered, patched, embellished, and in some instances, dyed her canvases.

The visit sparked my craft flame, and I decided to kick off the new year with a make it craft party. I know; I know. January is the beginning of the year, but there is something about post Labor Day, back to school, getting ready for fall, that inspires me to get a fresh start. So....let's have a party!

Come join Meg of Proof Handmade, another awesome friend and maker, and myself this Sunday afternoon. Finish a project or start a fresh one. Because starting fresh is more fun that finishing, I'm going to delve into the featured kit by Proof Handmade. I hope you can join in on the fun. {Party details}

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