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Summertime Roadtrip Supplies

Rock Lake in Lake Mills, Wisconsin

Many, many years ago in a land far away, my brother and I lived in an idyllic farming community where the sweet brown eyed black and white cows outnumbered the people 4 to 1.

You were just as likely to see a tractor rumbling down the street as you were a car. Those summer days were filled with running through sprinklers, stealing purple beans and pea pods from the garden and roller skating in the large church parking lot next door. Who needs a roller rink when you have your own personal rink outside in the sunshine.

The one thing Forest Junction didn't offer for summertime fun. Water. There was no lake. It certainly wasn't big enough to boast a town pool.

Then the 4th of July would roll around. Our family would pile into the car and drive south to visit my grandparents, four hours away, in Lake Mills. True to its name, Lake Mills boasts one of the cleanest spring-fed lakes in Wisconsin. The springs kept the water cool and refreshing.

However, we had to get there first. Summertime in the back seat of a car with no air conditioning, gliding up and down rolling hills was doable. Guarding my half of the back seat from my brother, a challenge. "Don't make me pull this car over" blasted from the front, met in the middle with, "Are we there yet?"

I'm sure each and every one of you has a similar story.

If you're heading out this holiday weekend with the family, be sure to drop by Birch St. House & Garden first. I have a collection of toys and games that will help occupy your little ones hands while confined to the back seat.

My favorite are the finger puppets and magnetic story boards. Let me know which ones your kids like best.