Dressed for Adventure on Halloween Eve

 Me. Circa 1977.

Me. Circa 1977.

Do you remember your first step out into the crisp dark night, dressed in a costume, clutching the handle of a plastic jack-o-lantern? Or maybe it was an empty Wonder bread bag? Or was it a Star Wars pillow case?

The adventure in front of you promised mini candy bars, glowing popcorn balls wrapped in orange or yellow cling, and Tootsie Pops. How many licks does it take? I always lost count.

I look back at my first trick-o-treat escapade with fondness. Hand-in-hand with my dad, walking down the sidewalk, a father and his three-foot devil, dressed in red.

I probably don't actually remember that night first-hand, but I've heard the story countless times. I've seen the Kodak proof.

This Halloween as you make your way through the neighborhood with your children, be sure to stop at Birch St. House & Garden. We will have candy and non-candy treats for your little devils, angels, and Elsas. 4PM - 7PM